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Average hanging weight of a side (1/2) of beef is @ 400#.  40-50% of weight is loss on each half after processing.  A 1/2 of beef approximately consists of:

  • Chuck Roast (3#)     10-12
  • Arm Roast (3#)       4
  • Rump Roast (3#)       4
  • Choice of Steaks-Choose one (bone in OR boneless)
  • T-Bone Steaks(bone in) 8-12     and     Porterhouse(bone in)  4-6 OR New York Strip (boneless) 10- 14 and Tenderloin (boneless) 8- 10
  • Sirloin Steaks 6-8
  • Ribeye Steaks 12-14   OR   Rib Roast(2)    OR   Rib Steaks(bone in)
  • Round Steaks 8-10 ****see below for options
  • Soup Bones 2-3 packs
  • Short Ribs 3-4 packs
  • Hamburger 60-80#

***Round Steak options below: (Round Steak is a very lean but "tougher'' Steak)***


Cut as a steak:  e.g. 1/4" thick 1 per pack

Hamburger: We will grind the round and put with your Hamburger.

Ground Round: will grind the round and keep separate for Ground Round.


********Additional change choices below******


Cut as a steak but tenderized: we put the steak through a tenderizing machine

Cut into stew meat: e.g. 1/4" stew meat cut chunks and packaged into 1# packs or larger.

Cube Steak:  tenderized and cut into pieces. You choose how many pieces per