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The Best Quaters For You


Our animals are born and raised on our farm, they are fed with quality grain and all the grass they want.

We offer for sale around 750-850pound hangingweights.

1/4 of Beef description:
A quarter is roughly 200 pounds hanging weight. I charge $3.50 per pound hanging weight and you pay processing at the butchershop.

A quarter comes with everything include in the list below. It is processed and wrapped to your preference for you by a a certified butchershop.
These cattle are born and raised on our farm to provide the best quality meat we can produce.

Roast are roughly 3 pounds
Chuck roast 5-6 roasts
Arm roast 2 roasts
Rump roast 2 roasts

Number of steaks very with steak thickness but average quantities listed below.
T bone steaks 4-6 steaks and porterhouse 4-5
OR boneless option
New York strip 5-7 and 4-5 tenderloin

Ribeye steaks 6-7 or a whole Rib Roast 1
Round steak: 4-5 or turn into cube steak or hamburger
Short Ribs 2-3 packs
Hamburger 30-40 pounds

Available at extra processing cost

  •   Stew meat

  • Soup bones


Note : Aging is effective in 7-14 days in the butchers cooler. Lo Extended hang/aging times may be available upon request and will result in significantly higher meat loss.

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